dimanche 11 novembre 2007

JO JO GUNNE - Jumpin' the Gunne ( USA 1973)

Fine Hard Rock with ex Spirit members.


Matthew Andes: guitars, vocals

Jay Ferguson: keyboards, steel drums, second guitar lead vocals

Jimmie Randall: bass, vocals

Curly Smith: drums, harp, percussion, vocals

Rip from vinyl @ 256

Front & back cover included

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LES DUDEK - Same ( US southernrock 1976)

Us southernrock guitarist.

Les Dudek: vocals & guitars
Jeff Porcaro: drums
Gérald Johnson: bass
David Paich: piano & organ
Maxine Green, Pepper Swenson, Jeri Stevens: background vocals
Jim Hughart: bass
David Hungate: bass

Rip from vinyl @ 256
Front cover included

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samedi 10 novembre 2007

COUSINEAU - Same (Québec 1972)

Rare and great electric folk rock with slight progressive overtones and fragile female vocals.

Help me to find their second from 1973 "Cousineau"

Lise Cousineau: Voix soliste
Luc Cousineau: Voix soliste, guitare acoustique, percussions
Red Mitchell: Guitare: dobro, électrique, slide, acoustique
René Hébert: Basse
Chris Castle: Batterie
Michel Séguin: Conga, bongo

Rip from vinyl @ 256
Front cover included

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dimanche 4 novembre 2007

CINDERELLA - Same (Danish 1970)

Never released before, danish hard psych trio with wasted leads and strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Better late Than never.


Allan Vokstrup (drums)

Henning Kragh Pedersen (guitar and vocal)

Soren Hilligsoe (bass, vocal)

Vinyl rip @ 320

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