mercredi 26 septembre 2007

ACID - Maniac ( Belgium 1983 Heavy Metal)

Very good Belgian Heavy Metal. Killer early 80s metal with thrashing heavy guitars for the time and female vocal. Fantastic!
Does anybody have the reissue in cd, with the bonus tracks?

Kate (vocals)
Demon (lead guitar)
Dizzy Lizzy (solo guitar)
T-Bone (Bass)
Anvill (Drums)

rip from vinyl @ 320
Vinyl artcover included
For the connoisseurs:

3 commentaires:

Kizsmeth a dit…

Troyka !!

To come home after a shitty day at work and finding this at your place... man you just made my day 8)

Thanx mate.

proghog a dit…

Glad to see you're back mate !!! Great stuff... cheers !!

philaretordre a dit…

Hi. Yes, Acid is still one of my favourite belgian bands so far. Btw, i own their first album in vinyl but the 1st & second tracks from each side are totally spoiled. Can you maybe know a place to find it back ? (or maybe mp3 on the web ? Thx. You can write me back @ pfeleep (at) swing (dot) be