dimanche 23 septembre 2007

SUNSHINE - Same (UK 1972)

A lively gospel soul / funk / hard rock band. Joanne White/Wight and Ethel Coley were with Edwards and Green in the London cast of 'Hair'. Oliver and Slade weren't in the original line-up, but replaced the original drummer and lead guitarist at an early stage. They backed Geno Washington in mid-1972 at gigs, but broke up in early 1973.
Jack Green was also a member of The Pretty Things and later in T Rex. Peter Oliver went on to play with Succubu, The New Seekers and Paper Lace. Terry Slade, who'd played with The Nashville Teens and Rennaissance, was later with Kevin Coyne. Gordon Edwards was an occasional member of The Pretty Things. (taken from tapestry of delight).


ETHEL COLEY (percussion, vocals)
GORDON EDWARDS (guiatr, vocals, keyboards)
JACK GREEN (guitar, bass, vocals)
PETER OLIVER (guitar, vocals)
TERRY SLADE (percussion, drums)
JOANNE WHITE (percussio, vocals)

Vinyl Rip @ 320
for the connoisseurs:http://sharebee.com/ef45385f

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Yesss!!! Thank you very much, Troyka!

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you' re welcome

aryterong a dit…

hi troyka, would you please attach me "SUNSHINE" file to my e-mail..
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