vendredi 21 septembre 2007


Very fine US Hard Rock trio. Give it a try if you don't know this band. I really love this Lp. No cd issue! Shame on RCA.


Charlie Karp (guitars and lead vocals)
David Hull (bass and vocals)
Jimmy Maher (drums and vocals)
Additionnal musicians:
André ewis (keyboards)
Maxayn Lewis( background vocals)
Gene Hull (saxophone)
Jerry Mirliani (trumpet)
Candido (conga)

Rip from vinyl @ 320
Lp cover scans included

for the connoisseurs:

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6070Rock !!!! a dit…

Welcome back !!!

Thanks for share your great vinyl collection and taste.


Heavy Rock a dit…

Welcome back, my friend! You Rule!!!

Request: Arktis - Last Arktis Tapes (Garden Of Delights label)...if you have it.

Don't go away this time!

ADiL a dit…

Welcome Back!

and thanks for share.

Keep it heavy!

andre a dit…

Hello Troyka
Good to have you back.What happend to the other Blog?

Crotchbat a dit…

Good to have you back, Troyka!

Socram a dit…

Glad to have you back, Troyka!

angelo a dit…

i didn't know this band, but when i read the band members "Karp, Hull and Maher", it rang me some bell cause those are the same ones who later played in a Boston-based band called Dirty Angels (2 Lp's)

you can find them on this blog

Johnny Ballgame a dit…

Cool find. Karp and Hull played with Buddy Miles on Them Changes and other records.

Conspiracy Theologian a dit…

Great stuff here! I have all of the Dirty Angels stuff listed by the other posters.