dimanche 23 septembre 2007

LARRY CORRYELL - At The Village Gate (USA 1971)

A Pearl!! A Must for all guitar lovers!!


Larry Corryell ( guitars & vocals)
Mervin Bronson (bass)
Harry Wilkinson (drums)
Julie Corryell (additionnal vocal)

Cd rip @ 320 (vinyl is out of order)

for the connoisseurs:http://sharebee.com/52a82d36

4 commentaires:

Socram a dit…

Great album, thanks for the upload!

Troyka, any chance for a LP copy from Birtha´s "Can´t Stop The Madness" and also the Sunshine band you upped some time ago? And let us know your wantlist again, maybe there´s something we can find for you.

regards, Marcos

Kizsmeth a dit…

Totaly missed this guy with my "radar", will be a nice experience from what i can understand. Thanx for uploading it 8)

Magas a dit…

This is some pretty blazing stuff. Pretty vicious yet soulful, one of the more explosive jazz rock records I've heard, except for maybe Masayuki Takayanagi, except he's more noise/improv. This is more "rock". Amazing.

Your original blog disappeared around the time that I discovered this whole world, so it's nice to see that you're back. Thanks for the mindblowing album! All the best to you!

RockIT a dit…

Fantastic nice to see a Larry Coryell who was a huge favorite of my his early work.
Do you have Chico Hamilton?Larry of Arabia.Worth looking after....