mardi 25 septembre 2007


Fantastic german Hard-Rock trio with Uli John Roth ex- Scorpions on guitars. Don't miss this one. Special soundeffects entirely by guitar. This album is dedicated to the spirit of Jimi Hendrix.
Uli John Roth (guitars, vocals)
Clive Edwards (drums)
Ule Ritgen (bass)
for the connoisseurs:

3 commentaires:

proghog a dit…

My number one favourite guitarist... great player, great LP....

janseswithwolfes a dit…

I am in the process of d/l this one now , Thanks I haven't heard this one since it was new and that was at a drunken party, but if I remember correct it was good

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks alot for this! I can't wait to hear what Roth did on his own.